Exceptional Services For Growth

We provide direction, capital, and strategic relationships to companies that meet our criteria. We believe integrity and a strong partnership with the management are critical to making profitable investments. Over the past twenty years our management has established a successful track record of funding and advising, to both public and private companies in the US and Asia.

Lending & Real Estate

Our founder, has a long-standing successes in finance. He launched several successful real estate finance companies and has been a leader in product innovations. He developed modern day alternative lending solutions and technology that are currently being used in broad market. Our current mission is to expand our lending territory to include emerging markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

EB-5 Visas

We sponsors EB-5 visa investment projects that offer foreign investors the opportunity to secure a US green card for themselves and their family. As a fully integrated investment management and real estate investment firm, we provide our investors with the platform, oversight, and control they need in order to be successful in the United States. whether through the EB-5 green card program, the E-2 treaty investor program, or through financial investments in property development projects.

E-2 Visa

We offer a dedicated team of specialists committed to delivering exceptional service and advice to our international clients. As market leaders, we navigate through the evolving immigration laws and policies in an ever changing world. Our exceptional technical skills, business acumen, and commitment to strong client relationships and understanding of lucrative business opportunities for international business.


Azura Global has strategic partnerships with tech companies include web-based apps and AI-technology. As part of a competitive finance market, technology has play a big part and we cannot be left out of this segment.Fin-tech plays a big part in finance and real estate and thus Azura is heavily investing our energy and resource in this space.

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