Navigating Through A Complex World To Foster New Opportunities


Today’s modern global economy is dynamic and complex. At Azura Holdings we specialize in our expertise of global economic trends and identify key ares that offer the most opportunity for long-term growth and investment opportunities.

At Azura Holdings, we closely monitor global economic trends and identify unique investment opportunities that yield the highest long-term growth and return on investments for our clients. Our team also has a deep understanding of emerging, lucrative technological trends for investing including urbanization and artificial intelligence.

We work with accredited investors on both debt and equity investments. Our debt investment team leverages both residential and commercial real estate. We conceptualize, design, and implement lending parameters for a higher-than-market yield. Equity investments are cultivated in the areas of urbanization and technology. We source globally to identify strategic regions which offer both growth and longevity of investments. Our current focus is in Western region of the United States and Southeast Asia.


We offer a deep history of raising funds and offering unique loans in the industry.  Our track record includes working for clients across the spectrum of credit strategies, such as: Corporate Credit, Specialty Credit, Structured Credit, Real Estate Credit, Distressed Credit, and Special Situations. With these challenges, we look for opportunity in specialty finance to serve the underserve. This segment is untapped by big banks and thus offer much higher yield and lower risks.  


We have a long history of raising real estate investment projects across funds, directs, separate managed accounts and secondaries.With urbanization, major metropolitan areas are now facing housing shortages. We looking for unique opportunities for re-development in high-density areas. Our real estate team is highly entrepreneurial and has a long track record of being a first mover in the profitable areas of the United States and beyond.


Continuous progress in technology is essential to long-term growth.  As part of a multi-faceted competitive financial market, technology has become a big part of our overall investment plan. We identify unique innovations from across the globe in the tech-sphere and merge them with strategic investors to foster growth. We work with many fin-tech companies to find better ways to lend. 


Society cannot advance without higher education programs. At Azura, we identify strategic opportunities for higher education. Our recent projects have included aviation colleges across the United States. We find industries which offer the highest ROI for students. Our current focus in Aviation has proven tremendous success.  In addition, we partner with universities abroad to identify unique talent from all parts of the globe.


Azura Holdings provides global expertise with professionals working from our offices located in the Western US and Southeast Asia.